Although we're young, NIPR has a solid reputation in the industry

Consistently delivering top quality results with accurate and up-to-date data is what sets us apart.

Professional Operation

"Josh and his team have always worked in a timely and efficient manner. His professional and straightforward approach has given us the confidence to keep coming back. They don't over complicate things which is very refreshing when we just want to get on with the job of selling quality property. We are happy to recommend (NIPR) and will continue to work with them in the future."

Josh Fredericks
Director, Rixon Group

Consistent Star Performance

"The content we have been receiving over the past year has been nothing but exceptional quality and unbelievable value! We were getting a real hash of material together from various suppliers and so there was no consistency in the message. Now with Josh and his team behind us, we are able to confidently present our projects knowing that they will strive to give us the top quality research we need to get some of the more discerning clients over the line. I would be very confident that they have improved our conversions by at least 10% from what we were doing before."

Tim Allwood
Director, Compass Property Investing

Video That Hits the Mark

"The level of production you have put into our videos is incredible! Such a professional job and really hits the message perfectly. They explain everything in 6 minutes that our sales team try to do in one hour (and do it more effectively!). Couldn't be happier with the result - we will definitely see our return on investment tenfold."

Paul Stringer
Director, Property 2 Order

Building Trust in Our Brand

"The high standard of material we receive from Josh and his team has been instrumental in giving the sales team all the tools they need to produce the best results. Our clients trust from the onset that we are a well-established and capable company providing quality investment products. We attribute this not only to the professionalism of our sales team but also the material they present. Our message is consistent and that builds trust in our brand."

Stephen Thomas
CEO, Capital Property Partners Australia

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