Performing thorough research on property investments can be expensive and time-consuming

The due diligence process requires plenty of time and money if you want to ensure a successful investment.

Costly process

Paying staff to compile accurate research can run into the thousands.

Resource intensive

Producing and maintaining reports can take key people away from your core-business.

Area Expert

Savvy investors expect to get a deep understanding of a region.

Reliant on sales team

Documents produced in-house rely more heavily on the skills of your sales team.

Comprehensive Regional Investment Reports

We cover all aspects of property economics on a regional level in our investment reports.


NIPR's research outsourcing service saves companies thousands on in-house resources.


NIPR creates independent research reports on Australia's growth regions for investors.


Our team spends countless hours ensuring all our reports contain accurate, up-to-date data.


We only produce the most professional reports to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

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